How to make pasta alla norma

How to make pasta alla normaPasta alla norma is a very famous sicilian dish, hailing from Catania, the famous town  on the east coast of Sicily, nearby Mount Etna volcano. This meal is a meeting of genuine flavors: eggplants, tomatoes, basil but mainly the ricotta salata, a sicilian cheese made by pressing, salting and drying the ricotta cheese. How to make pasta alla norma? Follow the direction!

How to cook salmon pasta

Salmon pastaLet’s cook another fast dish that everyone agrees: salmon pasta! How to cook salmon pasta? Relax, you don’t need to go and catch a salmon in Norway!!! You can just use slices of smoked salmon that you find at the supermarket. Are you ready?! Let’s go!

Let’s cook the Italian potato gateau

Italian potato gateau

This recipe is a potato savory pie of Neapolitan and Sicilian tradition. The italian potato gateau is usually served as a main (and only dish) as it is quite filling. The name of this recipe comes from French gâteau. Quite easy to prepare, it is a perfect meal during winter. Who can resist the roasted cheesy filling of this potato cake?

Veal saltimbocca alla romana: a fast meat meal

Veal saltimboccaVeal saltimbocca alla romana are a tipical dish of Roman cuisine. It consists of slices of veal with ham and sage, a different tasty way of cooking the traditional slices meat. The preparation of this dish is really easy and fast: you can make it when you do not have much time to cook. Let’s go.

Easy carbonara: how to cook carbonara pasta step by step

Easy CarbonaraPasta alla carbonara is a typical Italian dish, particularly widespread in Rome. It is a simple way ok cooking pasta with a sauce made of eggs, cheese and bacon. If you go to the Eternal City, this pasta is a must of the Roman cuisine! However you can prepare pasta alla carbonara also at home, following these easy steps: let’s start.

How to cook penne alla vodka

How to cook penne alla vodkaPenne alla vodka is an italian dish, that was very popular in the period of seventies. It consists of pasta with a sauce made with tomato, heavy cream and bacon. How to cook penne alla vodka? Follow these simple steps: it’s easier than you think!

How to make arancini with meat: the original recipe

Sicilian AranciniArancini are a tipical sicilian street food. They are stuffed rice balls (usually filled with ragù), coated with breadcrumbs and fried. On the web you can find many recipes that explain how to make arancini with meat, but this is the authentical recipe, directly from Sicily! 

The cannoli cream recipe

Cannoli cream recipe Today we are preparing the cannoli cream recipe, using the ricotta cheese. You can use this cream to fill the sicilian cannoli or make other sicilian dessert. The taste of the cream depends mainly on the quality of ricotta cheese: it is better if it is made with sheep’s milk.

Sicilian orange salad

Sicilian Orange SaladThe sicilian orange salad is a very simply and quick dish and, as you can imagine, the orange is the main ingredient. It is a blend of sweet and bitter flavours, and it can be served as a side dish or at the end of the meal. There is a wide range of the sicilian orange salads: in some places of Sicily it is used to add black olives, in other places to add various aromatic herbs.

Sicilian chicken cutlets (cotolette alla palermitana)

Sicilian chicken cutletsThe Sicilian chicken cutlets, cotolette alla palermitana, are a tasty meal that you can prepare in an easy and fast way. It is not fried and there aren’t eggs: a tasty and healthy dish at the same time, so you can stay fit.